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Sat, Jan 13


Virtual Workshop

New Year, New Moon: Vision Blooming workshop

Live your life on purpose and allow your passions to manifest!

New Year, New Moon: Vision Blooming workshop
New Year, New Moon: Vision Blooming workshop

Time & Location

Jan 13, 2024, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Virtual Workshop

About the event

There is a radiance inside each of us that wants to shine. A pure, creative magic that makes us feel alive with possibility. And a deep wisdom that already knows the next step to take on our path—if only we slow down to listen. Yet much too often, rather than igniting this inner fire and embracing our wholeness...we buy into false narratives about who we should be and what constitutes “success.” We quiet our most vibrant dreams, disconnect from our intuition, and diminish our light over time. We find ourselves exhausted by wearing masks and striving for goals we don’t even resonate with.

But what if...just for a moment...we tuned out the external noise telling us who or how to be?

What might we hear within the stillness? Our passions, our purpose, our most soulful desires?

Setting an intention is a powerful declaration of how you wish to feel or experience yourself throughout the coming year. In this two hour workshop, we'll guide you to get ultra clear on the specific emotional states and qualities you want to carry with you each day. Rather than focusing on superficial or ego-driven goals, this workshop helps anchor empowering intentions rooted in your being.

When you know exactly how you long to feel in your day-to-day life, you can orient your actions, environments, and conversations toward that. Your intentions then become a guiding light bringing coherence and meaning so you don’t drift through months feeling unfulfilled.

It may sound simple but walking each moment with clarity of purpose changes everything! You will no longer hustle or deplete yourself just to hit targets and milestones imposed by others. Instead, your ‘to-do’ list arises intuitively from knowing who you wish to be and how you desire your precious time in this world to feel. Imagine waking up in the new year consciously centered and directed towards living a life that sparks meaning, adventure, and deep fulfillment bubbling up from within.

It’s time to radically reorient from living by default to living ON design, not disaster!

In this "Vision Blooming Workshop," you'll learn how to:

  • Shift from pleasing others to aligning actions with your truest motivations
  • Connect to your deepest desires and define your own measures of fulfillment
  • Excavate dreams you once deemed “impossible” or “impractical”
  • Gain clarity on the next right steps toward embodying your fully expressed self

As you walk steadily toward your intentions all year long, expect to feel:

  • Alive and radiant as you fully express your essence
  • A sense of meaning and adventure flowing through your days
  • Expansive creativity, playfulness, and awe
  • Renewed focus and blossoming ideas
  • Progress toward the embodiment of your highest Self
  • Hopeful and optimistic realizing "dreams do come true!"

By the end of our time together you'll feel revived clarity on what brings your aliveness. Have the courage to release whatever diminishes your light and tools to keep your inner fire burning bright. Build a customized action plan for taking empowered steps toward self-expression and wholeheartedness this year.

Join us and allow your Vision to Bloom as you align with what makes YOU come alive most! Experience revived Energy, focus, and courage to take empowered action toward your deepest passions this new year.


  • Shining bright




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Stacy Piccolo, Director of Well-Being & Retreats

Certified Professional Coach, 500 HR Yoga & Meditation teacher, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction certified, Dancing Mindfulness facilitator, Artist

Sarah Ximenez, Well-Being Program Manager


Certified Reiki Master, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) certified

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