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Golden Crystals

Passionate About Inspiring and Encouraging Others

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Hi, I'm Stacy Piccolo and as an Empowerment Coach, I support you to explore your passions and desires, excavate your unique talents and gifts, and feel empowered to share them with the world. You will take back your power, align with your values, and implement plans to reach goals!

My coaching is infused with my empathetic nature and intuition. In order to access my intuition and imagination, I have to work with any unhelpful thoughts or limiting beliefs that are in the way. I do this in a caring, nurturing way, showing parts of myself love and acceptance to be able to thrive where, in the past, I would unknowingly practice self-sabotaging behaviors.​  

I help people to embrace all parts of themselves, through many different mediums and modalities, in order to integrate all areas of their lives and selves to reach greater levels of self-care. I want to support you to understand what is really influencing your life, and we explore your values and beliefs, to ensure that you are aligning with yourself and moving in the right direction to bring you fulfillment and abundance! I encourage people to follow their inner knowing and do what they know they want to deep down inside even if they don't know HOW to do it yet. We will create the way together! 

I also inspire people to go just a bit out of their comfort zones where there is the opportunity to grow. Often, it is difficult for us to make a decision. But, have you noticed that sometimes you are torturing yourself by not choosing? You may spend a lot of your Energy going back and forth when you could be using this divine Energy to create all of the wonderful things you imagine for yourself.  We will work together to free up this Energy by moving through whatever is blocking the path to make choices and set the ball in motion. We engage in a co-creative process where we are both equals and are working together to achieve the highest for you! 

Whole Person Coaching® Philosophy

I am currently training in the Whole Person Coaching methodology which is firmly rooted in fundamental principles for guidance on your journey of wholeness, vitality, balance, and life-fulfillment. I guide you to recognize and understand the deeper dimensions and processes at work when it comes to creating sustainable positive change in yourself.

The foundational principles are:

Wholeness: You are whole, completely resourceful, and self-innovative. You can experience all of the parts of yourself with love and acceptance. I respect you as a whole and unique individual. You have everything you need to successfully create and navigate change for yourself. All of the aspects of our lives are interrelated and we will examine the links and interactions between your relationships, career, abundance, health, etc. As you practice self-care and self-acceptance in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms, and start to take action steps you will begin to inspire and motivate YOURSELF!

Empowerment: You lead the way in our sessions and I support you to take back any power you have given away or lost on your journey. I will seek feedback from you to align the coaching process to your desired needs and outcome. You will see yourself solving your own problems and creating opportunities for yourself. I will create a life- and self-affirming environment for you where you feel safe to freely contribute and authentically express your true nature. I will sustain a curious mindset that is unattached and expectation-free of your process and desired outcome.

Interdependence: Our process is co-creative and synergistic in nature. We are here to relate with others. We grow independently and also with others. Our professional partnership builds upon your strengths, resources, assets, and personal power to encourage your best self to shine. I will authentically and whole-heartedly share my observations and perspectives to create a positive impact while inviting you to do the same. We will leverage the power of the coaching relationship to promote learning, growth, and positive change from a place of openness, truth, and compassion.

Self-Mastery: You are the master of your own life. Learning about your patterns, actions, behaviors, impulses, and emotions will allow you to engage in this mastery in order to flourish in this world. As your coach, I’m devoted to self-development, personal growth, inner work,  professional accreditation, advanced training, and lifelong learning to offer you my very best self. I work to effectively manage my own reactions and internal story, as well as learn about my unconscious biases, to be fully present and supportive of your needs.

It is my absolute honor and pleasure to do this work with you! It means the world to me to be able to hold space for others and guide them to see the truths already present within them. Watching you grow on your journey and encouraging you along the way truly fills me up! Thank you for trusting me to do so.

  • Certified Professional Coach

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

  • 500 HR Certified Yoga Teacher

  • Conscious Rest Co-creator

  • Yoga Nidra Facilitator

  • Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator


  • Empowerment Coach

  • Well-being + Mindfulness Coach

  • Neurodiversity Coach

  • Withdrawal Support Mentor

  • Yoga Lifestyle Coach/Mentor

  • Grounded Spiritual Guide

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